The smart energy platform to manage your energy production, consumption, and distribution

Our Solutions

Yetu offers specialized, end-to-end engineering services. Beginning with the first steps like dimensioning your energy resources (solar, hydro, battery) and designing the microgrid, in addition to surge protection design. Followed by personalized installation support.

Manage the efficiency of your energy production with Yetu’s monitoring services. Optimize production parameters of your assets, dispatch them remotely. Avoid any inconvenient interruptions, use your data insights to plan maintenance at the right moment.

Yetu lets users monitor their energy consumption patterns and manage grid capacity correctly. The platform enables users to create consumption and production forecasts which help balance the grid. Achieve automated grid control and manage grid access.

Automate and standardize administrative processes on the platform. Increase your organization’s agility by managing customer and supplier contracts. Finally, you can also automate billing and payment collection processes based on the collected time-series data.



The word Yetu is derived from the Swahili word that translates to Ours. And that is exactly what Yetu Energy stands for – our energy, energy that is for the people.

600 million Africans are living without access to electricity; decentralized energy generation has been recognized as one of the significant ways to reduce energy poverty. It is estimated that mini-grids can supply localized energy to approximately 81 million households without electricity access in Sub-Saharan Africa (State of the Global Mini-Grids Market Report 2020).

We offer solutions that manage your energy production systems and grid operations, making them even more sustainable.


Yetu Energy delivers solutions and services to efficiently manage hybrid micro-grids, operated and used by and for local people.



Yetu Energy Africa offers engineering & remote asset management services to professional power producers & consumers, leveraging state-of-the-art IoT & data analytics to manage the assets, make them smarter and increase profitability & impact.




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The energy demand is growing fast: expected to triple by 2030

The electrification rate in Africa is very low.

Africa has an immense untapped renewable energy potential; for hydro power alone, only 8% of its potential has been developed


The number of people in Sub-Saharan Africa is growing substantially and could reach a dazzling 2.7 billion by 2060 according to figures of the Worldbank. To achieve many of the SDG’s (Sustainable Development Goals) such as health, education, food, climate change… defined by the UN General Assembly, access to affordable and clean energy will be essential. We want to greatly improve the efficiency and cost of delivering this clean energy by using digitization. But this creates numerous challenges:


        Labour intensive contracting & billing

        Non-integrated systems

        Deviation from core business


       Efficiency: consumption/production           ratio

       Imbalances: temporary shortages of


       Technical losses (suboptimal design)           &  non-technical losses (theft, fraud)

       Suboptimal revenue generation


        Design: suboptimal initial design

        Uptime: unplanned power outages

        Reliability: stable frequency, current,          voltage

        Damages: power surges, lightning,              claims

        Lifespan: lower than promised by                OEM


     Make informed investment decisions

     Ensure optimal set-up at all times

     Determine extra revenue potential

The Sustainable Development Goals


SDG 7, Clean energy, Sustainable, UN Goal
SDG 9, Industry, innovation, infrastructure, sustainable
SDG 13, Climate Action,
SDG 17, Partnerships for the goals, sustainable