Our partners

Yetu is the result of a unique international venture between Hydrobox and byNubian. Thanks to our network of partners, we’re able to create a beautiful synergy between different fields of expertise, from engineering all the way to grid control and administration.

logo hydrobox

Hydrobox is one of Yetu’s shareholders and develops hydropower plants. Designed to convert the power of running water into electricity.

logo ByNubian

byNubian leads innovation in developing the latest software and hardware for measuring, processing, and storing IoT data. byNubian also implements its own IoT sensors to connect assets and energy resources to the byNeuron platform. byNubian is also the second shareholder of Yetu.

logo hydrobox

byNeuron is a PAAS developed and integrated by byNubian. Yetu uses the byNeuron platform as a low-code solution for managing time-series data, digital twins, and IoT data streams.