The fast-paced integration of IoT technology in microgrids is a breakthrough for both organizations and companies. Microgrids provide a resilient, clean, and low-cost solution for energy self-sufficiency. We help our customers with installing and managing distributed energy resources like solar panels and hydro-turbines. But also provide energy storage solutions together with IoT interconnectivity. 



Africa is the richest continent in the world in terms of solar potential yet solar supplies just 1% of the continent’s energy mix.

Solar cells harness the energy from the sun into usable electricity. It is a rather cheap form of renewable energy when well-engineered. However, energy production is intermittent. Therefore, we’re saying: Solar is good, using it in Microgrids is even better.


Small hydro

With an installed capacity of 37GW, only 11% of Africa’s hydropower potential has been exploited leaving much room for growth in the sector.

A small hydro captation setup is environmental friendly and does not disturb the normal river flow. The continuous waterflow results in a production output that is reliable and stable.


Energy storage

When it comes to balancing the dynamics of power supply and demand, energy storage plays a critical role.

Key benefits of having energy storage are:

► Improve the total reliability
► Lower the operational cost intelligently used for grid-stabilization
► Back-up power supply during maintenance


IoT microgrid controller

With the rapid uptake and demand for smarter interconnected devices, the energy sector has not been left behind.

► Energy resources
► Loads
► Balance production & consumption

This revolutionary technology connects to Yetu cloud servers and will enable you to Automatically manage:

► Remote operation
► Monitoring
► Alerting



Yetu offers specialized, end-to-end engineering services. Beginning with the first steps like dimensioning your energy resources and designing the microgrid, in addition to surge protection design. Followed by personalized installation support.

Energy resource management

Manage the efficiency of your energy production with Yetu’s monitoring services. Optimize production parameters of your assets, dispatch them remotely. Avoid any inconvenient interruptions, use your data insights to plan maintenance at the right moment.

Grid control

Yetu lets users monitor their energy consumption patterns and manage grid capacity correctly. The platform enables users to create consumption and production forecasts which help balance the grid. Achieve automated grid control and manage grid access.


Automate and standardize administrative processes on the platform. Increase your organization’s agility by managing customer and supplier contracts. Finally, you can also automate billing and payment collection processes based on the collected time-series data.