Timelapse: Jenga Maarifa for Panzi hospital


In collaboration with Artsen zonder Vakantie and Provincie Vlaams-Brabant we are proud to share this unique behind-the-scenes footage of our latest “Jenga Maarifa project” in Congo for the Panzi Hospital.

Jenga Maarifa, means “sharing knowledge” one of the pillars on which Yetu Academy is built. Together, we combine our efforts to play a crucial role in the transition towards a sustainable future for everyone.




Project Jenga Maarifa for Panzi hospital


This step is the first phase of a major project to provide the Panzi hospital with a stable energy source and minimise fuel supply costs.

This project is part of the partnership between “Artsen zonder Vakantie”, the province of Flemish Brabant and the Panzi hospital, which is in great need of energy. The project is called “Jenga Maarifa”.